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Due to recent events requiring limited social contact with other persons, CIEDA has opted to host an online job listing page in lieu of a face-to-face job fair. We know that various sectors of the economy are prospering, while others are facing challenges with negative global impacts. If you are a business and wish to be included in the listings, please complete and submit the below form.

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I understand that in order to utilize this job board and be marketed in and outside of the County by CIEDA, I, as an employer, agree to provide employment totals and average wages/salary when CIEDA issues quarterly surveys, as well as inform CIEDA of any anticipated mass hiring/expansion needs. Additionally, I understand that if CIEDA reaches their capacity for the number of companies they may list, quality jobs will be given 1st priority, then those who post their positions directly to their websites / are most responsive in updating positions with CIEDA
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