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CDS Market Research is a Houston firm with nearly 40 years experience in real estate market and residential development research. Under Steve’s direction, CDS Market Research performed the 2015 Claremore Housing Study. 


A letter from our director:

Two years ago, Houston-based Baker Hughes announced their intention to expand in our community which sent a clear message to the state and region—Claremore has the right mix of resources.Growth continues to expand across all sectors. AXH Air-coolers acquired and renovated a dormant manufacturing facility to kick-off their expansion. Early in the year they completed construction of three additional facilities, bringing their footprint to over 500,000 square-feet across 67 acres.

Rogers State University expanded their academic offerings with the introduction of their graduate studies and Hillcat Athletics now competes in NCAA Division II. In the past decade there has not been a moment when the campus has not been undergoing facility expansion.

All three major hospitals— Hillcrest, St. John, and Claremore Indian Hospital —underwent major expansions increasing the quality of healthcare for the region.

Development across these sectors is supported by a dedicated and hardworking workforce. Rogers County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in the state and Claremore’s population has grown 20% in excess of the state’s population over the past decade.

Claremore has great forward momentum; but there are obstacles we must face head on if we want to continue this forward progress. One key area is housing.

Recognizing this coming growing pain the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority took the lead in partnering with CDS Market Research and the City of Claremore to conduct a detailed analysis of the housing demand in Claremore.

The findings contained in this report present a bright future for Claremore. Working together we can invigorate the way we partner together to provide solutions for continued growth.

Housing Opportunities for Claremore Include:

  • Construction of a higher quality Class A or B multifamily housing development, between 50 to 100 units, could be supported by the market in Rogers County and located in Claremore.
  • Construction of 50 to 100 units of rental housing aimed at the affordable housing market would also be expected to do well in Claremore.
  • Demand may exist for 100 to 200 single family homes to be built in Claremore over the next two years. Moderately priced homes are expected to do particularly well, with two popular price point ranges: $130,000 to $175,000 for starter and workforce homes, and $225,000 to $275,000 for higher middle income earners and commuters to Tulsa County seeking larger lots.

Jeri Koehler, Executive Director
Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority