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Claremore’s Computer-Aided Manufacturing Program Receives Haas Foundation Grant

Northeast Technology Center’s Claremore Campus was recently awarded a $10,000 grant from the Gene Haas Foundation to put towards improving its Computer-Aided Manufacturing program. The grant funds are part of a new partnership to provide schools and training centers with cutting-edge educational materials to inspire students and provide pathways to advanced manufacturing careers.

“With 3.5 million manufacturing jobs needing to be filled over the next decade, our economic competitiveness depends on preparing today’s students for current and future jobs,” said Gene Hass Foundation’s Kathy Looman.
Awarding the grant was Johnnie Austin, Sales Engineer for Timco Machine Tools. Timco Machine Tools is the Oklahoma dealer for Haas equipment.

“Our goal with these grants is to help provide the critical resources educators and students need to understand and embrace the skills required to be successful in advanced manufacturing jobs,” said Austin.

Gene Haas, owner of Haas Automation, Inc., founded the Gene Haas Foundation in 1999. Haas Automation is America’s leading builder of CNC machine tools. Started in 1983, the now-billion-dollar company and its owner have a commitment to the importance of US manufacturing with a focus on manufacturing education, scholarships for CNC machinist training and helping technical programs that teach these skills grow and expand.

“The Haas Foundation is big into schools that train in manufacturing,” said Austin. “If you go into just about any shop across nation, you will see Haas equipment. That’s largely because of their commitment to education. The company offers free training to educators as well as discounts on equipment for schools.”

“They sent me an email about the grants, and it was simple to fill out. It didn’t take much time, and it was a good investment,” said NTC Instructor Shawn Christian. “This is something the Gene Haas Foundation does for all schools. Any Oklahoma school can apply through Timco, and I encourage more to do so.”

Gene Haas Foundation grants cannot be used to purchase capital equipment or be given to individuals. Scholarship funds are granted to the education programs for distribution to deserving students. To date, more than 1,200 charitable organizations and schools have received funds totaling over $38 million from the Gene Haas Foundation. The Gene Haas Foundation also awarded the CNC Machining program at NTC’s Afton Campus a $12,500 grant.